Individual Master Classes

Individual Master Classes are personalized, one-on-one photographic tutoring geared toward the individual, specific needs of the student. The teaching agenda of each individual master class is set not solely by Vincent but by Vincent and you. It is an experience where you learn what you want to learn and the focus is on what you want to know to improve your photography, post processing, natural lighting and/or printing skills.

Sample areas of focus:

  • Bokeh, the use of focus and blur
  • Environmental natural light portraiture
  • Natural lighting
  • Black and white conversion approaches
  • Fine art printing (from small printers to big printers)
  • Flower photography
  • ExDR (Extending Dynamic Range though image harvesting)
  • Digital darkroom setup
  • Digital Workflow
  • Maximizing Photoshop for photography

The advantage of one-on-one Master Class training is that you work on the things you feel you need and want at the intensity level, speed and detail level that suits you.

This informal but focused approach to learning is designed to help you learn how to make wiser choices at not only point of capture, but through the entire process from the click of the shutter to the final print.

This is an educational opportunity geared towards working with you to fine tune your vision and create images that better express the voice within you that wants to be heard in every image you create.


  • $950.00 for each day of personal and individual instruction in and around my Los Angeles studio
  • $1,150.00 for each day of personal and individual instruction outside of Los Angeles. Plus a ½ day rate for each travel day & travel expenses)
  • Multi-day also available

Whether it is for you or someone you care about and want to give the gift of knowledge, email Vincent here to get the ball rolling!

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