“More than providing simple answers, my goal is to help participants understand which questions should be asked. Ideally, my workshops will make you become my competitor.”

Comprehensive workshops tailored to cover each aspect of the art and science of digital photography

The renowned Austrian photographer Ernst Haas stated, “You don’t take pictures; the good ones happen to you.” This conviction — that creative photography depends on the photographer’s ability to see, sense and feel the world rather than to take pictures of it – provides the foundation for all of Vincent’s instructional work, including the workshops.

Aimed at intermediate-to-advanced level amateurs and aspiring professionals, Vincent’s workshops are intensive, inspiring and exciting. Vincent’s passion for both the creative and technical aspects of the photographic art provides the driving force behind his workshop sessions. In his words, “you’ll need a vacation after attending one of my workshops.”

Workshops are always tailored to the specific needs of the participants. Because Vincent is convinced that better understanding of technology enables all photographers to produce a final image that represents what he/she felt when firing the shutter, every workshop invariably combines substantial doses of both theory and practical field work.

Rich in information and inspiration, Vincent’s workshops cover all aspects of the photographic art and science — from the theory of composition to using natural and continuous light to image processing and print production.

Prospective workshop participants should have a good understanding of basic camera functions and operation and be somewhat fluent in Photoshop.

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Princeton Photo Workshop:
Black & White with Vincent Versace

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